A Parent’s Love

“Life is a continuous circle.”

When we are young, we don’t comprehend the endless LOVE that radiates from our parents, and even when we are older, we forget how much they truly mean to us. This video is  a great reminder for us to touch base with our parents to let them know we are thinking of them, and will NEVER forget what they’ve done, doing for us. Our lives can be so busy, bombarding us with daily tasks – either working or taking care of our own family, that we forget to connect. When we say we don’t have time, we are making an excuse. Technology, nowadays, makes it ever so easy to connect with anyone around the world.

How will your parents remember YOU?

This video raises great questions, one of which is how will we treat our parents as they get older? Will we be just as relentless in loving, being patient, kind, forgiving, and care for them as they’ve done for us? Are we going to welcome the responsibilities of feeding them, wiping their mouths, cleaning up after them, bathing/showering them, driving them to the doctor, make sure they’re taking their medication, go on walks, take them to their favorite places, tuck them in, and be there when we hear their cries?

My promise to my parents:

Someday, I will make my mom and dad proud. I PROMISE.

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