Why I Do What I Do


Hi, I’m Quoc Huynh. It’s a mouthful, trust me, I know. Picture my first day of school. Teacher says, “everyone, to your seats,” and I plunk down into one of these because I went to a private, catholic school.
why i do what i do

Um, no. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Let me show you what I was working with. L shaped school chairs

The empty seats are filled by my classmates, 42 total, small class but quaint. The teacher is looking amongst the students, feeling nervous, excited, with attendance sheet in hand.  Teacher says, “Alicia,” Alicia raises her hand and responds, “here.” Teacher keeps going down the list: Ben, “here,” Cassandra, “here.” Then, a little more than half way through the list, there’s about a 5 second pause by the teacher, slightly raising the eyebrows, and this is where I’m smirking – knowing the cause of the silence – I raise my hand and say my name. Teacher looks up at me, sees my smile, and smiles back. Being in my shoes and seeing the relief off of the teacher’s face is quite amusing.

The simplified version to pronounce my name is WALK WIN. My nickname is “Q”, relating to the guy who makes all the gizmos and gadgets for James Bond, pretty cool, I know.

I blog about self improvement topics with an emphasis on restoring humanity.

There are a lot of reasons why I started to blog. A blog I read from Suddenly Jamie at live to write – write to live puts it into great perspective for me. He states there are several different kinds of bloggers and the ones that describe me best are:

  • Create a positive, loving WORLD
  • Simply express myself
  • Share my knowledge
  • Build communities around common experiences and interests
  • Enhance my writing skills

I was once so far from lost that the word lost doesn’t articulate the full meaning, but I have no regrets nor would I change ANY events, experiences, or decisions. I have found myself in a way that I would describe as un-fathomable. Those events, experiences, decisions built me into a BEAST.

A friend once told me, “mi casa, su casa,” I intend to return the favor. I hope through this blog I can create a place where anyone who visits will feel they’re visiting home – “There’s no place like HOME.”


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