A Parent’s Love

“Life is a continuous circle.”

When we are young, we don’t comprehend the endless LOVE that radiates from our parents, and even when we are older, we forget how much they truly mean to us. This video is  a great reminder for us to touch base with our parents to let them know we are thinking of them, and will NEVER forget what they’ve done, doing for us. Our lives can be so busy, bombarding us with daily tasks – either working or taking care of our own family, that we forget to connect. When we say we don’t have time, we are making an excuse. Technology, nowadays, makes it ever so easy to connect with anyone around the world.

How will your parents remember YOU?

This video raises great questions, one of which is how will we treat our parents as they get older? Will we be just as relentless in loving, being patient, kind, forgiving, and care for them as they’ve done for us? Are we going to welcome the responsibilities of feeding them, wiping their mouths, cleaning up after them, bathing/showering them, driving them to the doctor, make sure they’re taking their medication, go on walks, take them to their favorite places, tuck them in, and be there when we hear their cries?

My promise to my parents:

Someday, I will make my mom and dad proud. I PROMISE.

What breaking up with my ex of 8 years taught me


“There’s no hard feelings, no one to blame. Just two people who don’t feel the same.” -KayKay<33

Most of us have experienced break-ups before, break-ups suck, period – that’s all I learned, next topic, moving on……j/k. There are so many words to describe the experience: pain, loneliness, sadness, emptiness, anger.

Pain – The horrible feeling you get at and after the break-up.

Loneliness – You’ve lost your best friend, you lost the other half of you.

Sadness – Wherever you look, everything reminds you of that person.

Emptiness – When everything inside you has left, hollowing your body.

Anger – Trying to answer questions of why, but w/ no concrete answers at the moment.

Simply, leave the feelings with the event, taking them with you just prolongs the pain.

“Time…heals ALL wounds.”

It sure does. All the pain-staking emotions we feel during this hardship, fades away. Our stronger selves propels us out of misery. We eventually start on a new journey towards happiness, understanding.

Pain becomes strength – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Loneliness teaches us there’s a difference between loneliness and being alone.

Sadness turns into happiness.

Emptiness is filled with new memories.

Anger changes to understanding, acceptance.

Learning and understanding ourselves better, through life experiences, guides us to what we’re truly seeking.

There are those who are seeking, plenty of fish in the sea (I want a mermaid), for those of you who are in a relationship, congrats – and for those high school sweethearts, get married already.


How to conquer procrastination in 5 seconds

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain

How many times do you tell yourself you’re going to exercise, eat healthier, read, write, or end bad habits – and you end up delaying the task or not taking any action?

If you learn to use the 5 second rule, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish and how productive you’ll become. What is the 5 second rule you ask? It’s simple, every time you contemplate performing a task(s), do it in 5 seconds or else you’re more likely to put it off. This technique trains your brain to take action at the thought of completing a task – replacing procrastination with productivity.

Like Nike says, “Just Do It.”

Anyone who tries this technique, I’d love some feedback.

Keep the momentum of eradicating procrastination going with motivating quotes by PICK THE BRAIN.

How to be a Genuine and Fun-Loving Person


1. Value and respect the fact that you are a totally unique individual, with your own destiny to fulfill. Believe in who you are, what you think and believe, your gifts and talents, and what you have to offer to those around you.
2. Refuse to give into negative feelings of anxiety, self doubt or insecurity. In fact, “fake it till you make it” is often good advice … So, ignore how you feel, and act the way you want to be. Choose to switch off the old tapes that keep on playing in your head, and try to visualize your goals and then push on and seek to reach them.
3. Don’t pay any attention to what others think about you. The most important judgment should be yours, and yours alone. If you live in constant fear of what others think about you, it will only hold you back from realizing your potential. Also, you’re not a clone of others as each of us is different. Don’t be afraid to be unique or to stand out against the crowd.
4. Accept that you have good points, and areas for growth. We’re all a mix of different qualities, and flaws, and traits. We all make mistakes – it’s what you do with them matters – so embrace the fact you’re human and won’t always get it right.
5. Also, develop a tough skin and don’t take insults personally. Look back and laugh – don’t cower – or criticize yourself. It won’t help if you’re sensitive or worried all the time. It’s better to forgive yourself, and then move on again.
6. Develop your ability to think creatively. Try out those new ideas, and choose to live outside the box.
7. Seek to enjoy this moment, and to live life in the present. Be grateful for the small things, and savor all you have.

Do you have all 7 in you or which ones do you need more work on?

Please post your comments below, thank you.

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When was the last time you gave someone a sincere, honest compliment??? A simple, “I like your tie,” “You have a great family,” “You’re funny,” goes a far ways. Compliments, no matter how small, makes the world go round.

They do wonders for the receivers and the givers. It gives the receivers feelings of appreciation inside, smiles on their faces. For the givers, they’re learning sincerity; “it feels good to do good” is in their disposition. People know when you’re just giving a compliment to just give a compliment – and when you actually mean what you say. Being real to yourself and others is what people love, cherish and remember.

You are sick and tired of being lied to or people being fake, you have heard and seen it all your life. These people are talkers, not doers. So when you hear something or see someone who is real – it’s different – and leaves a lasting impression.

A real recognizes another real.

What was a compliment someone gave you that you still remember? When was the last time you received a compliment?

Please post your comments below, thank you.


“The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege.” Charles Kuralt

Cooking is an amazing art. All the countless flavors, colors and aromas make your senses come alive.

What does cooking three pounds of mussels, prepared with a creamy garlic sauce with white wine, served alongside crispy baguette bread – and shrimp prepared neatly in rows, topped with shredded cheese bring about?….Over eating and gaining five pounds because it’s delicious. More importantly, the meal brings people together – old and new friends, family, joy, conversations, memories, laughter and so much more (five kids more).

How often you forget the simple events in your life can be so nostalgic. Sometimes you are so busy – or so it seems – in your life, that you forget to enjoy eating at the dinner table together.

What are your favorite dishes you cook that brings everyone to the table???

Please share your culinary skills below, thank you.



The quickest way to happiness is learning to be selfless. When you learn to give and not expect anything in return, you are true to yourself and others.

This video is a great example of walking the walk and not just talking the talk. The doers in this world set a great example, inspiration to most of us. What you do, no matter how small a gesture, other people see it. Like this video states: “It’s a good virus.”

You may think that you alone can’t change the world – but it’s your small, simple actions that create the tidal wave. You just have to find what it is that you believe in. Picture yourself skipping rocks, the ripple starts out small, but later it gets bigger and bigger. The same analogy goes for this gentleman’s journey, he started out small and now his story has affected many people and many more to come.

What gestures have you seen, lately, from others, that motivate you to perform selfless acts???

Please post your comments below, thank you.


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What’s your religion? Is there one better than the other? Is there a GOD? Does it matter??? How you live your life is entirely up to you. Religion is how you treat others; love and kindness.

The hardest thing to alleviate from your life is being judgmental. If you live in a way where you see everyone as EQUALS – if there’s a heaven, you’re well on your way – if not, then you can still die happy; win-win.

Everyday you’re told or worry about how you should live – LIVE HOW YOU WANT TO LIVE – forget the rest.

Focus on all the good you already have inside.



“Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” Harriet Beecher Stowe

The easiest decision we can make in life. Breakfast of champions. So simple a caveman can do it. What you want to get out of life is what you are willing to put in.

Your mind is a lot stronger than you think. When you’re staring into the abyss, the only way out is to move forward. When you are in your deepest hours, this is when you truly start to understand yourself and what you are capable, made out of. The more you push in these critical moments the stronger you become – and the next time you stare into the abyss it comes natural,  you know how to respond; it becomes second nature. Accomplishing this state of mind is magical. You feel confident, invincible and all the doubts you had is now under your control. Learn to keep your mind in this state and your world will change in unfathomable ways.

Eat it up, chew it up, swallow it, take a number two with it and flush it, where it belongs.



“Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.” Solomon Ortiz

Teaching is such a great tool to enhance the world around us. Everyone has something to teach. Take for instance, teachers and professors. They show you how to expand your mind and bring about positive ways in how to think. I’m sure you have heard the best teachers teach you how to figure out things on your own because they understand that everyone learns differently. They answer questions with questions and answers your answers with questions. They show you what they know but it’s up to you to decipher the intellectual information given.

A great concept I came across in the book, HOW DO WE DECIDE, by Jonah Lehrer, shows us a different avenue towards teaching. Here is an excerpt from his book.

“Carol Dweck, a psychologist at Stanford, has spent decades demonstrating that one of the crucial ingredients of successful education is the ability to learn from mistakes…Unfortunately, children are often taught the exact opposite. Instead of praising kids for trying hard, teachers typically praise them for their innate intelligence (being smart)….Dweck has shown that this type of encouragement actually backfires, since it leads students to see mistakes as signs of stupidity and not as the building blocks of knowledge. The regrettable outcome is that kids never learn how to learn.

Unless you experience the unpleasant symptoms of being wrong, your brain will never revise its models. Before your neurons can succeed, they must repeatedly fail. There are no shortcuts for this painstaking process.”