“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Charlie Chaplin
¬†Laughter is a home decor, “the finishing touch,” so addicting, contagious, pure, innocent, bright, fun and yes… FREE. Think of the time when you were a kid and how often you’d laugh. Now think about how often you laugh, currently. As we grow older we’re so immersed in our daily lives with work, family, kids, school, chores, etc. that we forget to laugh and smile.

What’s great about laughter is that it can come from anywhere. You could be sitting at a restaurant and hear a child laughing causing the same reaction from the parents because it’s so precious. You could be on Facebook and your friend post a funny video or image. Your dog is chasing it’s own tail. Whatever makes you laugh and wherever you may find laughter, soak it in; bath in it.


Surround yourself with as many POSITIVE people possible. This concept may seem “easier said than done,” but it’s up to you to deflect all the negativity from your life. Think of your mind as a filter, every negative thought needs to be thrown out and replaced with a positive one. For example, rather than thinking work sucks, replace it with how can I make work more enjoyable? Or, the person next to me in the library is making too much noise and I can’t study, replace it with I can ask him/her to keep it down, if not, then I’ll find a quieter space to study.

Conversely, if you were to elaborate or keep pondering about your negative thoughts, your mind is going to go in a negative downward spiral, creating unwanted emotions of frustration, anger, hostility, and so forth.

This exercise creates a good, positive habit and gets you to take action. With any exercise, the more we do the better we get; PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT – duh!!!



What is HAPPINESS? Its when you take a look around you and it’s CHRISTMAS. The smiles, laughter, love of family, friends, strangers, girlfriends and boyfriends hand in hand, generosity, lights illuminating the scenery creating a vibrant, colorful, and lively world. Why does it have to be only during CHRISTMAS???

We, as human beings, forget to enjoy all the “hidden” happiness that is around us.

The beauty of happiness is that in places lacking happiness, we can bring happiness.

You can learn more about the concept of true happiness with a beautifully written article by Mary Jaksch on her website.