When was the last time you gave someone a sincere, honest compliment??? A simple, “I like your tie,” “You have a great family,” “You’re funny,” goes a far ways. Compliments, no matter how small, makes the world go round.

They do wonders for the receivers and the givers. It gives the receivers feelings of appreciation inside, smiles on their faces. For the givers, they’re learning sincerity; “it feels good to do good” is in their disposition. People know when you’re just giving a compliment to just give a compliment – and when you actually mean what you say. Being real to yourself and others is what people love, cherish and remember.

You are sick and tired of being lied to or people being fake, you have heard and seen it all your life. These people are talkers, not doers. So when you hear something or see someone who is real – it’s different – and leaves a lasting impression.

A real recognizes another real.

What was a compliment someone gave you that you still remember? When was the last time you received a compliment?

Please post your comments below, thank you.

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