“Wealth is measured by relationships, not money.” Quoc Huynh

When you think about the word WEALTH, what does it mean to you? For most, maybe it’s the state of being rich – monetarily – absolutely nothing wrong with that notion. Wealth gives you the freedom to participate in what you love doing in life. The million dollar question is……what do you LOVE doing? Then, ask yourself after you’ve traveled all the wonders of the world, bought yourself all the lavish, fancy gifts possible, wined and dined till you can’t anymore – how is having money, then, make you happy in life? The billion dollar answer – BUILD LASTING RELATIONSHIPS. Building lasting relationships gives you immense, priceless WEALTH; TRUE happiness, love, laughter, memories, and so much more. You achieve REAL WEALTH because it’s ever-lasting. Money doesn’t buy REALNESS.

The world is FILLED with great individuals, take all the good they have to offer and incorporate it into your own life.

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